Benefits Of 3 Mukhi Riudraksha

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  • 2017-07-29
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Benefits Of 3 Mukhi Riudraksha

Rudraksha is  a sacred bead as per the Hindu faith. A 3- Mukhi rudraksha features  on its surface, 3 innate stripes ( Mukhas).  The presiding  deity is Lord Agni (Lord of Fire).

This Rudraksha 3 mukhi possesses the power of annihilating all sins committed by an individual in his previous lives. Like fire it has the power for purifying whatever it  comes into contact.

This Rudraksha is also useful in alleviating psychological problems like unrealistic fear and inferiority complex. It is good for people who undergo stress or suffer from self-hatred. It also provides energy to a lazy person and makes him energetic.

Two Types:

There are numerous kinds of 3 Mukhi Rudraksha in the market but two main variants are: 

 Indian variety: It is oval shaped, has a rough surface and flat appearance. Size ranges from 16 to 20 mm.

 Nepalese variety: This rudraksha is more spherical compared to Indian type and is around 15 mm with smoother surface.

Spiritual Aspects

Ruling deity is Lord Agni or fire. Ruling planet is Mars.

Its principal mantra is “Om Kleem Namaha”.

Benefits Of The Rudraksha:

 A 3-Mukhi rudraksha gives energy and confidence to the wearer enabling him to face any situation.

         According to ancient Vedic literature, this Rudraksha has high healing powers for those suffering from anxiety, depression and mental complexes induced by feelings of guilt.           

         This rudraksha curbs and restrains aggressive nature of a person caused by Planet Mars.

         It enhances creativity of the wearer.

         The rudraksha counters malefic effects of Mars ( Mangal). It is good for persons who have ‘ Manglik Dosha” in their horoscope.        

            It helps calm short-tempered and impatient persons

          It has many health benefits like controlling blood pressure, reducing menstrual problems in women, alleviating chronic fever and reducing lack of energy and depression.

Spiritual Powers:

3 Mukhi Rudraksha removes Sanchit Karma which is  the sum total of negative Karmas in the past life of a person. Thus, those who wear this sacred bead, is free from past Karma which may be posing as obstacles in achieving spiritual and materialistic success. Malefic effects of Mars are countered by this bead.

Other Benefits:

Lord Agni provides power to the person to face any obstacle in life. It is ideal for introverts and those who suffer from anxiety, depression or psychosis. It is good for athletes as well as persons in the real estate business.

One can buy this rudraksha online where you can ascertain 3 mukhi rudraksha price.


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