Tips for analysis before making purchase of gemstones

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  • 2017-08-12
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Tips for analysis before making purchase of gemstones

There are many jewellery types ranging from diamonds to semi-precious stones which act as a method to enhance the beauty and also offer a positive impact to the life. The gemstones are available in a variety of colours and shapes which are nowadays being used to adorn everything from pendants, rings, to even clothing. With the pace of entering the digital world everything is swiftly moving towards a cashless society where the shopping of almost every item has been shifted from stores to the sites. The same goes with the precious and semi-precious stones like neelam, panna, etc. where panna stone online shopping can be done sitting right at home.

With the craving for things has been enhanced as things can be purchased within clicks and seconds. But the spam and internet fraud is a big matter of great concern.


Tips for purchasing gemstones from online stores-

While purchasing the gemstones online, there are certain points that are needed to be concerned like-


·         Credibility and authenticity of the seller- The point which one need to concede is the credibility of the seller. Always look for buyers that disclose their minute details like address, phone no and email id on their website and buy stones only from an old and reputed seller having a strong online presence.

·         Colour quality of the stones- There are many new sellers selling fake products where the colour of the stone speaks everything. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for shopping stones through online stores to compare the colour of a particular stone on various other websites so that clear picture and the description of the gemstone become clear.

·         Certificate of buying- The websites offering the certificate as to the purity of the gemstones is a must. Many sites don’t even offer any certificate of purchase as their products or stone is of poor quality.

·         Compare the prices- One can also keep a check on the reputation of the seller’s credibility by monitoring its prices compared with the prices of other competitors. For e.g. for knowing the original neelam stone price, a quick survey and comparison of all the reputed stone sellers can be made.

·         Return policy- A legit company on the internet must have a strong return policy for its buyers. Before making any final purchase, make sure to understand and go through the return policy and other points of considerations, etc.


There are various ways by which the gemstones are evaluated. Prior to buying, determine the value of individual gemstone by its cut, clarity, size and its flawlessness. Make a wise purchase through online stores.


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