Buy the Best 8 Mukhi Rudraksha Online

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  • 2017-10-30
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Buy the Best 8 Mukhi Rudraksha Online

Every Rudraksha bead has its own uniqueness abound with special benefits. There has been variety of rudraksha available in markets. But each has its own extraordinary quality. Not every rudraksha is for everyone. Some specific qualities of these beads is needed for different person.

The 8 mukhi rudraksha has eight faces on its surface. Astrologically it has been associated with eight mountains which means whoever owns it with true devotion will be conferred with the power of eight mountains. 8 mukhi rudraksha is the creation of the blessing of Lord Ganesha who is son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vignaharta, Vignasharva,Vighnarja. All these names mean Lord Ganesha is the Hindu Deity who will clear out all the obstacles in the paths of all his devotees. 8 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by the planet Rahu and Ketu. It should worn by men and women having Shani Dasha and confronting difficulties, getting failures in life.If you want the best result you need to wear 8 mukhi rudraksha after Siddhi i.e. purification whicle chanting Rudraksha Mantra and Utpatti Mantra daily at the time wearing it nine times and also before removing it when going to bed. As it has eight faces it will be very effective for you. You will be capable to defeat all the sorrows of eight Prahar (Prahar means eight portions of the day of 24 hours) and will able to achieve all the happiness and joy in your life. This 8 mukhi rudraksha is so strong that the one who wears it can attain all the Siddhis and Riddhis in life and reach at Shivalok. It is used in all the worships and rituals. It should be worn while chanting Om Hum Namah and Om Ganeshay Namah.It can be worn in the wrist as the bracelet with strings of silver or gold. The best day to wear this is on the day of Monday or Amawasya or Purnima. Here are some benefits of wearing it.

·       As Rahu is planetary ruler of 8 mukhi rudraksha itcan eradicate all the suffering and ill effects on you by wearing it. Like the one who suffers from lung ailmet,snake bite,accident,or any unpleasant circumstances in life this rudraksha will protect you.

·         It will remove all the obstacles in your way forward and you will achieve all the success in all spheres of life from health, wisdom to wealth.

·         It will give you a calm mind.

·         It will change your enemy’s behaviour towards you.

So, let’s buck up and buy 8 mukhi rudraksha online.

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