Power of the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Peace and Prosperity from Lord Shiva

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  • 2017-11-02
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Power of the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Peace and Prosperity from Lord Shiva

Among all rudrakshas, the most commonly available one is the 5 mukhi. This rudraksha has the power to prevent sudden or unexpected death and it removes the sins of the forbidden acts. You will need it to attain sadhanas while meditating. You become famous and get plenty of peace when you wear this bead. 

Good things about the 5 mukhi bead

When you buy 5 mukhi rudraksha it removes the fear from your mind. It helps control your blood pressure. In addition, you also get the following health benefits.

·         Cure for liver problems, cardiac problems, and problems affecting the vertebral column.

·         It enhances the memory and removes breast problems.

·         Gives cure for fistula.

·         Helps control inflammation.

·         You can cure diseases of the blood.

This influences the important chakra of the wearer. Use this bead for water therapy so you can feel the impact through direct consumption.

Effect of the Lord Shiva

The ruling god of the 5 mukhi is Lord Mahadeva (Shiva). When one wears this bead, he is freed from the vagrancies of human instinct such as lust and anger. Greed, affection, and ego are also removed and the person gets a clear mind. If the person has heart problems, he should wear the bead around the heart. It also benefits people who suffer from anxiety, tension, and blood pressure.

From the astrological point of view, wearing the 5 mukhi bead wards off the malefic effects of Jupiter. Jupiter has a good many malefic effects including utter poverty and lack of harmony. You get protection from the diseases caused by fat and those that affect the kidney. You can cure diabetes and get cure for diseases affecting the ear and the thigh.

The ruling planet is Jupiter and the best day to wear the bead is on Monday. One must clean the bead and energise it before wearing it. Chant this mantra for wearing the bead:

Om Hreem Namah

Auspicious and calming bead

Lord Shiva is the sign of auspiciousness represented by the planet Jupiter. Mostly, the original 5 mukhi rudraksha brings calmness to the mind. You get academic excellence and fortune. If you wish to progress in the path of spirituality or wish for better health and harmony, then they should wear the 5 face rudraksha. It also represents another form of Lord Shiva known as Kaalagni.

Pancha rudraksha is a very powerful bead representing Rudra. It protects from all diseases. Awareness and memory power increases many folds. One has to follow the rules of wearing the bead to get the most benefit.



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