Cats Eye (Lehsunia)

Cats Eye (Lehsunia)
Natural  Cats Eye (Lehsunia) - 9.9 carats
Natural Cats Eye (Lehsunia) - 9.9 carats

Shop Natural Cats Eye (Lehsunia) - 9.9 carats . Shiv Rattan Kendra provides astrological gemstone w.....

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As per vedic astrology Cat's Eye gemstone represents Ketu planet and has is similar physical appearance to Cats Eye. It bestows its wearer with good health, prosperity and wisdom. We at provides natural and certified cat's eys with best quality.

Method of wearing:

Emerald should be wear atleast 5.25 ratti in weight. It will come in different qualities and better quality will show stronger astrological effects. It is worn on Tuesday in middle finger in silver or platinum metal. The studded ring will be delivered after performing puja or energized by the Shiv Rattan Kendra.