Privacy Policy

By visiting Shiv Rattan Kendra, you are accepting to everything written in this Privacy note.

Personal Information: -

The information we collect from customers helps us in providing you personalised shopping experience. Here are some types of information we might ask you for: -

1. You have to register to our website and become a member in order to receive special discounts, for quick check out process and to complete your payment. We will only take your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and that’s all. When you go through the payment gateway, the credit card or debit card details are not stored unless you want. Your private OTP and bank password will never get stored with our third party service providers or us.

2. We only use your email to send you exclusive products, deals, offers, products back in stock, etc. We do not distribute your email address to any other websites or our third party partners.

3. Our website collects cookies to identify your web browser and location that will provide you incredible shopping experience and the ads viewed on our website will be customised according to your needs. You can disable the cookies and location if you do not wish to share it with us. Your IP address will be noted on our website as it is a part of the government law.

We respect your privacy to the fullest and appreciate business from your end. Your account is password protected, and we do not allow third party vendors or our team to access your account on the site. Only if you contact our customer services to check or make adjustments in your account, we will access it. We assure you that the transmissions made through the software, which encrypts information provided to us during the purchase of our products will not be misused or saved. We only reveal the last five digits of your card when processing your orders.

Disclaimer: -

If your web browser or computer suffers any virus, troubles or gets spoilt during the time of visiting our website, we are not responsible for the damages. Our website is protected from any pop-ups, virus or defaults. We assure you that the Shiv Rattan Kendra site is not the reason for any issues your computer or browser might face. Do not contact our customer service regarding this issue as it could solely be an issue in the hard-drive of your equipment.

We are allowed to change and modify our privacy policy whenever we want. Keep checking regularly to stay updated on our new privacy policies.