Four Face Rudraksha

Four Face Rudraksha
Natural Four Face Rudraksha
Natural Four Face Rudraksha


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If you are looking for a place to buy 4 face rudraksha, you are at the right place. The term ‘raksha’ means “care.” The four faces symbolize the might of Brihaspati, the Hindu God of the Devas. It is the energy of Brihaspati, which aids the wearer in gaining wisdom and knowledge. All you need to do is put on the 4 face rudraksha permanently.


It furthers holds a lot of significance. It stands for a lot of creativity and knowledge, helps to diminish any dullness of the mind and attaining spiritual faith, the wearer’s mind becomes quicker and sharper, it helps in sadhana and meditation, helps those people with a timid predisposition and makes them know their self-worth.


The 4 face rudraksha has proven beneficial to many people. The connection is the increase in confidence after wearing the rudraksha.

  • It is immensely beneficial for singers and public speakers in gaining success.
  • The wearer becomes a much more systematic person and organizes in his thinking, his behavior and communication.
  • The wearer becomes knowledgeable, witty and smart.
  • The 4 face rudraksha is extremely beneficial for the professors, pupils, journalist, researchers and also writers. The rudraksha helps all of these in their respective fields.

When to wear

The 4 face Rudraksha should be worn post-Sidhhi (the process of purification & the charging with Mantra), the performing of prayers and the ritual rite for the rudraksha’s sanctification. It should be worn on Monday, Thursday or an auspicious day.


The mantra to be chanted is “om hreem namah”

Rudraksha Mantra is to be chanted daily 9 times. The Rudraksha should be removed before sleeping and should be kept at the puja place.

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