Five Face Rudraksha

Five Face Rudraksha
Natural Five Face Rudraksha
Natural Five Face Rudraksha


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The human race has been wearing the rudraksha for nearly hundreds of years now. In Hinduism, people associate faith with these beads, which are considered very holy. Via Japa, Hindus achieve religious attainment by wearing the rudraksha, which is proved to have a number of health benefits. The 5 face rudraksha represents Lord Rudra Kalagni, who further represents the 5 manifestations of Lord Shiva. The 5 face rudraksha is said to help one attain higher self-means called Upa Guru, and with the help, find a means to attain a link to the Almighty. Sages and the students widely wear this bead, and the planet associated with it is Jupiter. The five face rudraksha stands for knowledge and development of a person. It also promotes self-growth, including both spiritual as well as mental growth.


  • All of the menacing impacts of Jupiter planet are removed
  • One’s self-growth and intellect is enhanced
  • The 5 face mukhi rudraksha is extensively used for chanting mantras
  • It also aids attaining knowledge and wisdom. Students wear these beads to pass with flying colors in their exams.


  • Intellectual dearth is removed and ones spiritual faith is achieved
  • It is considered very beneficial for the pupils appearing for competitive exams
  • It is considered very beneficial for professors, scholars, and also writers in their fields.
  • It basically helps in achieving success in life.

When to wear

The 5 face rudraksha should be worn on all days of the week. The wearer of the Rudraksha must chant the related Rudraksha Mantra as well as that Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra daily at least 9 times and should remove the beads before going off to sleep at night.

The mantra

“Om Hreem Namah, Om Namaha Shivay”

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