Wear Emerald in the Proper Way to Harness the Power of Mercury

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  • 2017-08-04
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Wear Emerald in the Proper Way to Harness the Power of Mercury

Emeralds, along with Rubies and Sapphires, count among the big three in the gem world. It is the gemstone of Mercury or Buddha. So, the person who has a beneficial Mercury in his or her horoscope will get great benefits but if it is malefic, the person will be boastful, conceited, inconsistent, and unprincipled.

Beware the malefic Mercury

On the social front, the person will face loss through theft, disputes, litigations, forgery, cheating, and hasty decisions. All these problems can be solved if you wear the emerald gemstone. It also cures problems such as defects in memory or intelligence, stammering, imperfections of the speech, and wavering mind. To get the best emerald stone go to the website of a reliable supplier and check the certificates they give with the stone. If there is an authentic source for the gemstone, then you can buy it.

Rules to wear the gemstone

Emerald, also known as panna, should weigh 3, 6, or 7 ratti. Wear it on the little finger of the working hand after putting it in a gold or silver ring. Make the emerald to touch the skin of your hand. The best day to wear it is Wednesday. The mantra to recite while wearing the gemstone is, “Om Buddhaye Namah”. Cleanse the ring before you wear it by dipping it in Ganga Jal and then in cow’s milk for at least 10 minutes.

Emerald is hard but can be affected by the heat or harsh chemicals. Take care not to ear natural Pearl or Ruby gemstone along with the Emerald gemstone. You can clean the emerald gemstone every 15-18 months but not sooner. Emerald is fragile; also remove the gemstone when you bathe or cook.

Buy online easily

Today, you can use the option of buying the emerald stone online since that makes it simple. You can verify the authenticity of the gemstone by the certificate and that of the merchant by checking the number of years in service. Moreover, you don’t have to run up and down the steps of the mall but get infinite choices. You can pay the money online and that makes it the best kind of shopping you can do.

Emerald is a symbol of trust, serenity, and affection. It cools the anxiety and makes his or her feelings strong and stable. It builds the thinking force and astuteness of the person.

Be sure to check the time and the day when you wear the gemstone. It will prove to be most beneficial if you wear it at the proper time and in the proper fashion.

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