Why Do People Wear Gemstones?

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  • 2017-09-18
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Why Do People Wear Gemstones?

Many of you must feel curious when you see somebody wearing a gemstone. Some may find it all a sham, while others truly believe in the powers of gemstones. With days passing by, people have started accepting the power gemstones possess. Now these powers are widely recognised. Wearing gemstones around the neck is considered to be extremely effective. 

Different gemstones have different uses and benefits. Each of them is connected with a specific planet and influence luck and personality with a different approach. Cat’s eye gemstone is related to the Ketu and bestows psychic powers to the wearer. You can buy cat’s eye stone online and have it delivered from any of the renowned online stores.

We are going to mention some of the amazing reasons which make gemstones worth wearing.


Gemstones were used in different cultures for several reasons earlier. Now-a-days, it does not have to signify any specific religion and culture. Gemstones are beautiful in appearance and have a connection to the past. They can be wonderful gifts to your loved ones right from the history.

Healing Powers

Every gemstone is known for its specific healing powers. They represent a planet and draw energy from that planet directing it into you. Pink ruby is known to represent the sun which empowers the person wearing it with leadership skills and responsibility. The same goes for cat’s eye gemstone as well. When you buy cat’s eye stone from a retailer, make sure that they are lab tested and authentic before making your payment to avoid scams.

Some of the medicinal benefits would include healing stomach conditions and indigestion. The energy that these gemstones direct towards the wearer helps in neutralizing the blockage of energy, ultimately helping in energizing, inspiring and nourishing every aspect of human life.

Calming Effect

Modern life can be very tiring with a lot of hurdles. Gemstones help in calming the wearer. They are extremely good in relieving stress and anxiety for having a more ‘grounding’ effect. 


Gemstones are used by many for cleansing feelings of self-doubt, recklessness, and fear. Gemstones are a sign of purity which help purify our body and soul with the constant energy flow.

It is truly amazing to see how powerful these gemstones are. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your life and want to work on it, wearing a gemstone that can help rectify that making it a great start for a healthy life.



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