What Is the Significance of the Rudraksha?

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  • 2017-10-07
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What Is the Significance of the Rudraksha?

At one point of time, Indian culture used to have 365 festivals per year, which shows that there was just an excuse required to celebrate each day. Each festival had been ascribed to various purposes and reasons of life. They were there to celebrate different historical victories, events, or any specific situations that took place in life, such as planting, reaping, and harvesting. There had been a festival for all situation. But Mahashivrati holds different significance. 

In lunar month, the 14th day or a day prior to new moon, is called Shivratri. The ones who follow spiritual path, for them Shivratri is very important. With this the followers of Shiva, prefer to understand the significance of Rudraksha and its relevance. Buying natural rudraksha now-a-days has become hard, as it’s genuineness is questionable at times. The rudraksha with most benefits is 13 mukhi rudraksha. Best place to buy genuine and natural rudrakhsha is from Shiv Rattan Kendra, which has an online site, so you can just buy 13 mukhi rudraksha there and it will reach your place in no time. So let’s look at some of the significance and benefits of 13 mukhi ruraksha.


Ruled by Lord Indra, who is rain God, and it is first of all purified with chanting of Rahu Mantra and Bheeja Mantra. All ill effects of Venus are removed by wearing this rudraksha.


It has many benefits to it such as giving siddhis or enlightenment to meditators, Kundalini awakening, divine charisma, immense power from Cupid God-Kamdeva, magnetism and charm bestowed upon, and much more.


By wearing this you will be pleasing Lord Kamdev. It helps in curing muscular dystrophies, psychiatric illness, and sexual problems. It also helps in purifying soul and gives mind peace.


With the blessing of Lord Indra, the wearer is bestowed with happiness and success in life. They are also blessed with good decision making skills, increase concentration, clear thoughts, good thinking ability, and improvement in avoiding confusion as well. It also is good in improving analytical power, wit, logic, communication, wisdom, intelligence, confidence, and oratory skills.


13 mukhi rudraksha is helpful in destroying all bad karmas and sins of the past. Also is helpful in curing lungs, arthritis, indigestion problems, nerve problems, and eye disease as well. The benefits are numerous and 13 mukhi rudraksha price is also very reasonable.


So these are some of the benefits and significance of wearing a 13 mukhi rudraksha, which may help you in many ways and solve many of your problems.



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