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  • 2017-10-11
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A rudraksha is a seed that is traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism. They are associated with the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva and are commonly worn for protection by his deities. The rudraksha is considered very pious and hence has great importance and market value. 

A rudraksha is basically a seed and there are various meanings associated with the different number of segments or faces on it. The rare or unique ones are priced highly and are considered to be very valuable.

So, the topic of discussion in today’s article is the 2 face rudraksha. The 2 faced rudraksha is a symbol of Chandra and Surya. So, the person who wears this rudraksha will always be accompanied by two gods or devas, i.e., Surya deva and Chandra deva. There are certain benefits associated with wearing a two faced rudraksha.

  • The 2 faced rudraksha is believed to give happy married and love life if worn or worshipped.

  • It is also believed to control the diseases of the left eye, kidney, intestines etc.

  • There is emotional harmony in the relationships as this rudraksha always helps in developing harmonious relationships.

  • It helps in controlling the negative characteristics of the one who wears it, for instance; anger, frustration or lack of concentration.

  • It provides one with metal peace and helps with the spiritual progress.

  • It is also said, the wearer of a 2 faced rudraksha has all the desires fulfilled leaving one calm and composed.

  • For pregnant ladies, it is believed that wearing a 2 faced rudraksha helps in painless delivery and no complications.

  • One remains free from harmful spirits.

  • One suffering from sleeplessness or nightmares could use a 2 faced rudraksha under the pillow to avoid it.

  • Goddess Lakshmi also showers her blessings on the ones who wear it.

The price of the original 2 mukhi rudraksha could be really expensive as it has a high value in the market. So, one must be rally careful while purchasing one. Because of the importance and growing prices, the market is filled with duplicate rudrakshas. But it should not be very difficult to recognise a real rudraksha. With a little experience and awareness one can easily detect the difference between an original and a fake. So, don’t fall prey for the greedy suppliers and make sure you purchase your 2 mukhi rudraksha from a trusted source. 

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