Gemstone Online Shopping In India-Buy Precious Stones Online

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  • 2018-06-11
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Gemstone Online Shopping In India-Buy Precious Stones Online

Gemstones with its fascinating beauty which has astronomical as well as ornamental purpose attracts a lot of people of India.The most genuine Gemstones online shopping in India can be done only at Shiv Rattan Kendra.

There’re many reasons as to why one should wear gemstones, gemstones are believed to remove all the bad negative energies  attached to the zodiac sign. There’re various gemstones which posses great power.It is also said that that they transfer energies to people by body contact and also cures many diseases.

If you're facing problems related to marriage, promotion, Health issue then you can wear   a gemstone as things may start falling into place thereafter.

You can buy preciousstones online from the range of gemstones available in India.They are of many kind with their own uniqueness-beauty possessing great power.

1.    Agate- This stone can be distinguished only by its colour and stripes.It is available in wide range of colours. It brings about emotional, physical or intellectual balance and aids in stabilising physical energy.

2.    Aquamarine-This gemstone resembles the greenish blue colour of the sea. It helps in calming soothing cleansing, inspiring truth,trust and letting go.

3.    Carnelian- It is an attractive stone which js deep red to brownish orange in colour.It is considered to be the stone of upper class in ancient times.

4.    Emerald- It is one of the most admired  green stone. It is one of the most well priced gemstone and it has been one of the most preferred popular gemstone throughout history. Beautiful as it is the emerald is cherished as earrings, finger rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

5.    Moonstone- Due to its soft milky tone and bluish-yellow tint it has been given this name.Known as the ‘Stone of Emotional Balance’ it represents the moon goddess.It is excellent  to understand oneself and it also helps in mediation.It  is believed that it helps soothe human emotions by transmitting lunar energy.

6.    Obsidian- Also known as “Apache Tears” it is a volcanic  natural glass formed by swift cooling of lava inside the earth.

7.    Opal- It is considered as the symbol of clarity,optimism as well as confidence.Opal brings benefit of Venus to the wearer as it is related to it. It is helpful in getting rid of litigation and debts.

8.    Pearl- It has been used since hundreds of years in jewelry. It's process or formation is very delicate and it takes years for a pearl to be formed.

9.    Quartz- Probably it is one of the most famous, versatile gemstones available.It is a rock crystal with its use since ancient time which is available in many varieties.

10.  Ruby- Ruby is a natural deep pink or blood colour gemstone which is worn for growth in business, success, growth in social status and confidence.

11.   Blue Sapphire- It is a blue variety of corundum and is the fastest acting gemstones and it shows effects instantly by gain in wealth, resolution to a problem and windfall gain.

12.  Hessione-gomedh- It is the gemstone for Rahu. This gemstone tends to bring Down bad effects of Rahu.

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