What you need to know about the two face rudraksha

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  • 2016-09-09
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Different rudraksha beads cater to different needs.

Rudraksha mala or beads have healing powers and various beneficial significances. Different rudraksha beads cater to different needs. Hence if you feel the need to wear one or carry one with you then you have to make sure that you get the right now, which is suited to your needs. It is always better to take an expert opinion on which you should carry and which one you should not, before making the final purchase.

Different types of rudrakshas

There are various types of rudrakshas, each with its own set of qualities. Depending on the face and cut of the bead, the type is determined. There are one faced rudrakshas, two faced rudrakshas, three faced rudrakshas, four faced rudrakshas, five faced rudrakshas, six faced rudrakshas, seven faced rudrakshas, eight faced rudrakshas, nine faced rudrakshas, ten faced rudrakshas, eleven faced rudrakshas, twelve faced rudrakshas, thirteen faced rudrakshas and fourteen faced rudrakshas. Apart from these there are also Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and the Ganesh Rudraksha.

The meaning of the two faced rudraksha

The two face rudraksha has a special significance that is unique to its own. It stands for the union of Shiva and Shakti and hence represents the ardhanarishwar. The planet that rules this rudraksha is the moon.  It stands as a symbol of togetherness and hence it also talks about unity.

Benefits of wearing the two face rudraksha

This rudraksha can be carried as a single bead or as a garland, as advised. If you are facing any problems at the home front, especially concerning your marriage, the two faced rudraksha is considered to be extremely beneficial for that. If you and your partner are planning to have a child, then this is also something that you should consider wearing. More often than not we remain disturbed with various things in our life and if we want to calm down our emotions a little, then the 2 face rudrakshais known to help. It will also give a fresh vigour to your creative mind. In fact, if you are looking for the right life partner, then get a two faced rudraksha bead which helps you in channelizing the energy in the right direction.

Where can I find a two face rudraksha?

You can buy a two faced rudraksha online. There are many astrology sites who sell this and you can check out the 2 mukhirudraksha price and then order accordingly. Do not forget to consult an expert before you do.

So, if you have problems in the home front and in personal relationships, the two face rudraksha is known to be a great help.


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