Why you should wear Ruby?

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  • 2016-10-12
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 According to numerology and gem stone astrology, ruby represents the planet sun. No wonder it is dark red and light pink in colour.

Ruby is a beautiful stone which is wine or blood red in colour. They are attractive and make a very enchanting inclusion for any type of jewellery. Ruby or manik is a very popular gem as it is exceptionally durable. While the finest quality ruby is very expensive, you can get medium quality rubies for affordable prices. Rubies are generally mined in countries such as India, Thailand, Cambodia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Burma,Afghanistan, Australia, Scotland and Brazil.

Ruby comes in several price ranges. The ruby stone price depends on its purity and cuts. The ruby stone is measured in carats just like a diamond. Wearing a ruby stone of 3 to 6 carats is beneficial. Ruby is usually worn in gold or copper jewellery.

According to numerology and gem stone astrology, ruby represents the planet sun. No wonder it is dark red and light pink in colour. The precious gemstone when worn on the right figure will produce great positive effects in a person’s life. If your horoscope shows that there is less effects of the planet sun on you, you should wear ruby to increase the positive effects of sun lord on your life. Wearing ruby will increase health and your status in society.

Uses of wearing ruby –

  • It will help in the improvement of your health.
  • You will get a good reputation in the society.
  • People in government jobs will get promotions.
  • It will protect you from your enemies.
  • You will become an independent person.
  • Politicians will achieve greater heights in politics by wearing ruby.

Where can you buy ruby?

You will get ruby in any jewellery store. You can also get ruby gemstone online.

When to wear the ruby?

It is preferably worn in the morning of any Sunday between 6 to 7 am.

Which finger should the ruby be worn on?

Ruby should be worn on the ring finger.

What is the wearing procedure?

Before the ruby is worn, it should be purified.  Dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Light 5 incense sticks and pray to lord sun or surya deva as he is fondly known.  Seek the blessings from surya deva. Chant the mantra Om surya namah while wearing the ring on your ring finger. The effects of the ruby will be seen in 30 days. The positive energy of ruby will be present for up to four years after which it becomes inactive.

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